On 31st of October the CFZ 2010 expedition leaves England. They will be exploring the Garo Hills in Northern India in search of the mande-burung or Indian yeti. The five-man team consists of team leader Adam Davies, Dr Chris Clark, Dave Archer, field naturalist Jonathan McGowan, and cryptozoologist Richard Freeman.

Monday, 1 November 2010


No sooner had I written a blog posting saying that although, according to my reckoning, the India expedition should have arrived in Dehli but we hadn't heard anything, than the telephone rang. It was expedition leader Adam Davies. The expedition has indeed arrived in Delhi. Chris Clarke was unwell on the flight, and will be seen by a doctor before carrying on with the journey. The expedition personnel believe that it is nothing more than travel sickness, which can, as I know from personal appearance, be absolutely debilitating, and they are confident that Chris will be given the OK to continue with the expedition.

They are leaving Delhi for the mountainous region known as the Garo Hills, part of the Garo-Khasi range in Meghalaya, at about 2 o'clock GMT, and they will be arriving at about ten o'clock at night tomorrow (local time), or approximately 17:00 (GMT).

Unlike some of the expeditions that the CFZ have carried out in recent years, global communications are pretty good in northern India, and back at base camp here in the UK we hope that we will be hearing from Adam, Richard, Chris, Dave and Jonathan reasonably regularly, and so will be able to keep all good folk in bloggoland up-to-date with news of the expedition.

Watch this space!

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