On 31st of October the CFZ 2010 expedition leaves England. They will be exploring the Garo Hills in Northern India in search of the mande-burung or Indian yeti. The five-man team consists of team leader Adam Davies, Dr Chris Clark, Dave Archer, field naturalist Jonathan McGowan, and cryptozoologist Richard Freeman.

Thursday, 21 October 2010


Hi Jon,

Here are my thoughts on the India expedition:

In January 2009 I was in Nepal leading a team searching for evidence of the `Abominable Snowman` for a documentary on the History Channel. One of the team members was Ian Redmond O.B.E, the U.N. Ambassador for Gorillas. He informed me that he had received some potentially quite credible stories coming out of the Meghalya area of India, about a large Yeti-like creature living in the jungles there. He advised me to check them out. I had heard of the supposed existence of the creature before, but the more I delved into the accounts, the more fascinated I became. Not only do accounts go back centuries, but a large body of very recent sightings had been gathered by a very credible researcher and his team - Dipu Marak. So, in synopsis, I made contact with Dipu, and began to put together a team with my old CFZ buddies Dave, Richard and Chris. We are also to be joined this time by a first class field researcher in Jonathan McGowan. Our objective has to be to bring back scientific evidence of the creature, which can be independantly verified. On a personal note, I would really love to see it, but I realise that's a big ask.

The area where we will be searching is very remote jungle and hard to traverse, so I will be asking a lot from the team. That said, I am sure we will have a great time in the process. This expedition has great potential. So, off we go, and everything crossed!!!

P.S. The young lady who interviewed Richard was charming. Great idea.


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